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  • References include accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive information
  • Tutorials and How-To guides are led by needs of the user, Reference material is led by the product it describes
  • Although reference should not attempt to show how to perform tasks, it can and often needs to include a description of how something works or the correct way to use it
  • Examples of Reference material are Dictionaries, Encyclopedias or Glossaries
  • Software examples of Reference material are API documentation, class documentation or function documentation

Recurring Donations Detail Window - Statistics Tab

Recurring Donation Details

Parts of the Recurring Donation Detail Window - Statistics Tab

Annual Summaries/Projections

Contains a backward look at actual amounts and a forward look at projections over a 6 year period.

Recurring Donations Detail Window - Notes Tab

The Notes Tab allows you to define specific fields for each gift created by the Recurring Donation.

Recurring Donation Details

Recurring Donations Detail Window

All the details of a recurring donation can be entered, edited and kept track of in the Recurring Donation Detail window. This page explains the details of the window and its tabs.

Recurring Donation Detail Window

Recurring DonationTemplate List Window

A recurring donation template contains all the data required to create future donations on an ongoing basis. When a template is processed, the future donation will contain a new order, donation and payment based on the template.

A donation template is NOT a donation per se. A process is run to create a donation and payment from the template.

Backup Tab

There are 3 basic settings for backups in this window, and one setting in TM server to make it all work.


Settings in System Preferences

  1. Backups are always created on the local machine running a TM Server.

    You will need to indicate the frequency and how many of these you want to retain

Tag Usage

The tag usage tab allows you to find out where certain tags are referenced within the system.

Tag Groups

Tag groups are ways to conveniently group a number of different tags that you want to associate with records.

Tag Types allow you group or classify the tags in the tag setup tables



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