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  • References include accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive information
  • Tutorials and How-To guides are led by needs of the user, Reference material is led by the product it describes
  • Although reference should not attempt to show how to perform tasks, it can and often needs to include a description of how something works or the correct way to use it
  • Examples of Reference material are Dictionaries, Encyclopedias or Glossaries
  • Software examples of Reference material are API documentation, class documentation or function documentation

Emails associated with Mail List

This window shows which emails are associated to this mail list for the purposes of allowing the user to unsubscribe from the mail list.
For mails to appear in this list, they MUST have been sent out using and unsubscribe list in the form letter merge.

You can:

Sage 50 Accounting

Sage 50 Accounting Software

The Sage 50 Accounting Software exports each detail line within the G/L Entry. Each deposit and sales posting are exported as their own separate entry within the export file. This allows an exact match of each G/L Entry to crossover into Sage 50 Accounting (line for line).


Facility Resource Sub Groups

Resource Sub Groups are sub categories of resources within a resource group in Theatre Manager's Facility Management module. Resources can be grouped under different headings. The default heading in Theatre Manager is the Generic Resource.

Click for more information about Resources, Resources, Inventory and Merchandise.

Donation Campaign Category

The Donation Category Code Table values are displayed in the Description Tab on the Donation Campaign set up window and are used to categorize donations for online sales.

items appear online in the sort order (alphabetical) and the external name is used to categorize and provide headers for each group. You can access various categories online using direct links in emails or web pages

Character Field Conditions

is between The parameters for the field are between to sets of factors.
is greater than or equal to The parameters for the field are greater than or equal to these factors.
is greater than The parameters for the field are greater than this factor.
is less than or equal to

List Field Conditions

is one of The parameters for the field is one of this factor.
is none of The parameters for the field is none of this factor. Remember that the NOT operator paired with this condition will create a double negative.


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