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Email Status

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If you see errors in emails as desribed in the window above, you can address some on this window and/or on the Note Detail window.

  • Based on the error message (as per the sample below), you may need to:
    1. change the patron's email address to correct it. You can pick one from the drop down, or go to the patron and add a new one or edit an existing one. Make sure it is their primary email address, or if the email address in this list is blank, set it as a primary email address.

      After fixing the patrons email address in the patron record, CHANGE the email address on the individual email and it will be resent using the new address.

    2. if emails do not send because your outgoing email credentials are wrong, then fix them in company preferences
    3. if you are getting SMTP: 550 Requested..... messages for most emails, see step 2 above
    4. if you are getting SMTP: 535 Incorrect authentication data yet test emails work, it is probably because you were sending test emails to someone inside the mail server, rather than outside. In that case make sure you email server allows relay from the inside of the network to the world.
  • After correcting the problem, change the status of all the emails from Error to Not Done using the popup on the window.
  • Alternately, if you can't figure out why a specific email will not sent, change the status to Done
  • The web sales listener will pick up all the Not Done messages and try to resend them after a few minutes.
Refer to managing unsent emails for more information.