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Payment Tab

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The payment tab allows the user to view a summary of all payments the patron has made toward previous purchases.

Parts of the Payment Tab

Payment Order # The number given to the payment to tie it to the order.
Date Received Date the payment was received.
Recd By Employee who took the payment.
Srce Represents the payment source.
Payment Method Method received for payment.
Total Paid Value of the payment.
Deposit Deposit number for this payment.
Date Printed Date the receipt for this payment was printed.
Seq # Merchant Account number applicable to credit cards processed through Theatre Manager.
Merchant Name of the merchant account used to process the payment.
Outlet-Owner Outlet responsible for collecting the payment.
Opens the Payment Data window for the selected payment. For more information Click here.
Voids the selected payments. You can only void two things: Anything that is not in the list above must be put through as a negative payment to the appropriate payment merthod.
Deletes the selected payments. Click here for more information on deleting payments.
Allows printing a receipt for the payment if a receipt ticket face has been assigned in the Company Preferences. Click here for more information.
Unprints the receipt for the payment.
Allows a transfer of a payment. Click here for more information.
Include Payments for closed Order(s) This box should be selected to show orders which have received payment and been closed.