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Transaction Tab

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The Transaction Tab shows all the transactions that have occurred for the patron.

Parts of the Transaction Tab

Seq# A unique number used to track the transaction
Trans Date Date and time the transaction took place.
Journal No A unique journal number for tracking the transaction line.
Code The transaction code used to describe the type of transaction.
Transaction Desc Description of the transaction.
Order # The order number for the transaction. This number can be used to track the transaction by order.
Play Code Play code is only displayed if the transaction effects and event.
Performance Code Performance code is only displayed if the transaction effects a performance.
Type The type of transaction.
Description of Entry Detail on the the purpose of the transaction.
Can be used to manually enter a transaction.
Opens the detail window of the transaction.
Deletes the selected transaction.
Used to search for specific transactions.

Searching Transactions

  1. Open the Transaction tab.

    The Transaction tab is located on the Patron Window.

  2. Select a search field from the menu.  


  3. Fill the To and From fields with the parameters to search.

  4. Click the Search button.

    The results of the search will be displayed in the table.