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Mail List Tab

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This tab is used to view all of the mail lists that a patron belongs to. It is also used to manually add or remove patrons to or from a mail list. You can also access the mail list criteria window from this tab.

Parts of the Mail List Tab

List # This is the number that was assigned to the mail list when it was created.
Source How the patron was added to the mail list.
Mail List Name This column displays the names of the mail lists that the patron belongs to.
Mail List Description This is a brief description of the nature of the mail list.
Date Added This is the date that the patron was added to the corresponding mail list.
Date Updated The date the mail list was last ran or updated.
Outlet-Owner The outlet the mail list belongs to.
Mail List Active? Displays the current active or inactive state of the mail list.
Web? Shows the mail lists status on the web site.
Changed By The last person to edit or update the mail list.
Clicking this button allows the user to attach a patron to any mail list manually. For more information, Click here.
Clicking this button opens the mail list criteria window. For more information on mail list criteria and how it can be edited click here.
This button removes a patron from the selected mail list. For more information Click here.