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Letter/Email Attachments

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this window shows any attachments that are part of the email correspondence. Some of them may be print at home tickets, invoices, or calendar files that are associated with a web order. The icons indicate whether the attachment has been processed to create its content.

An email will not send if there is an error in the content of one of the attachments.

If you delete a bad attachment, the email will then send without it. (its probably best to find out why it didn't send - such as a bad web page.

You can export the contents of the list, like any other window. However, there is an additional export option that allows you to export the document in original format. For each document you select to export, you'll be asked where to place the file so you can see the contents of the attachments sent to the patron. It might be helpful debugging print at home tickets or issues patrons have with calendar files (and timezone).