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Web Server Queue-It Setup

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Queue-it is a pay-for-use service that creates a queue external to Theatre Manager server environment.

Refer to the built in queue that is free and is built into TheatreManager servers

External Web Server Ticket Sales URL

Web Server URL The domain for the ticketing site. Normally, this should look like

Web Server Port Enter the port number that the web server will be using for incoming connections.

Normally, leave this blank to use the standard port 443 for incoming secure connections.


The Queue-it process

When Queue-it is enabled in Theatre Manager, the customer experience will be like:

  • When they reach your web site they will either:
    • Be able to enter right away if the traffic on your web site is below the thresh holds you set in the queue-it online management portal
    • If the site is considered busy, you'll see an image lie the one on the right. (Not this was customized for the Hamilton onsale by Proctors Theatre
  • If the patron is required to wait their turn, they'll see a countdown bar that shows their approximate place in line
  • Once they are allowed to enter the web site, they can select tickets, add them to their cart, give donations, all the typical things supported on your commerce web site.
  • after checkout, if the customer attempts to go and buy more tickets, they will be put back in the queue to ait their turn.
  • NoteL: There may be a time limit in Queue-it so that if a customer takes too long in the purchase process, they could be ejected from the store