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Web Listener Template Page Location

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Template Page Management

Custom Template URL This normally is the address of the primary TM Web Server which has been designated to host your template pages. It will typically be an IP Address that looks like:


Port # This is typically set to 8111

for the server that Theatre Manager uses to retrieve web page templates. This is generally never changed unless there is a desire by your network administrator to use alternate internal ports.

Template Folder Contains Note: TM server always gets the latest templates from its internal resources so the standard pages are always kept up to date. There are two choices for this setting to indicate how you want to store the custom pages
The preferred option is Only the customized pages in main directory.

In either case, refer to typical pages that are changed

All Default Pages and TMCustom folder in a sub directory Only The customized pages in the main directory
This is a legacy setting. It means that the web pages folder contains all the standard templates (which TM server now ignores) and a subdirectory called TMCustom that contains the custom pages. This setting indicates that any page in the web pages folder is a custom file. Thus, the directory only contains custom pages. If a page is not changed from the original templates, it should NOT be in this directory. This makes it easier to know only the pages that have been altered.

Last Cache Clear The date the cache on the Classic web listener was last cleared. The Clear Web Cache button to the right of this field can be used to reset or clear the cache on all currently running listeners by sending them a message that the web pages are al invalidated. Tt may take a few seconds as each listener re-reads them.

Note: The listeners generally detect page changes within a minute and starts using them automatically - but it will do it right away if you press this button. You can also clear the cache on the status page of any web listener