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Adjusting Content on Important Web Pages

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We recommend making changes to the responsive style in tmScripts/styles.hrlm only. However, we do know that some venues like to customize additional text on pages. This is possible if you change the actual web page itself.

The other caveats:

  • Do not change the names of any field within a <form> tag or an <input> tag
  • Do not adjust any calculation between a <field> and </field> tag without consulting with an Arts Management Systems support person first. These calculations and field names are items merged back into a page from the database before it is sent to the user and in effect, are the guts of the web process

Other than those general rules, open any page with your favorite page editor and make changes as you like. The pages that we find venues change most often are:

  • TMError.txt - to alter some of the error message text for some error conditions
  • tmTemplates/tmContact.html - to adjust any text around how to contact the venue
  • tmTemplates/tmnavButtons.html - to adjust which buttons are acceptable for the venue at the top of the page
  • TMdonation.html - to add comments about online giving
  • tmScripts/themeCDN.html - to set the bootstrap theme for the web pages with a CDN backing it up