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Types of Pages

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The Web Sales Modules is comprised of a number of different pages, such as, the content pages, login page, shopping cart and checkout pages to name a few. To change the pages to be specific to your venue, your web developer/designer will need to edit the appropriate pages.

The links on the side navigation beginning here, will guide you through the pages in the Web Sales Module and give you detailed information on how each web page is used by module.

You can alter the source code of the Web Sales pages to suit your needs. However, if you do, Arts Management Systems is not responsible for supporting or debugging errors that may occur.

Please ensure you have a backup of the web pages prior to make changes.

Throughout this section of the help, you will see

Programmer's Note: These notes provide the web developer/designer with further information on how to customize the web pages.

Programmer's Note: Remember that changing the name of any of the html files that come with the Web Sales Module will require you to check that any pages that link to the new renamed page has been revised to accomodate for that change. Otherwise you will have broken links or errors on your pages