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Changing Page Design

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The ticketing site uses Bootstrap 3 for the design and layout of the pages. A list of free themes available for the pages can be found on the Bootswatch site.


Editing Bootstrap Themes

The fastest and best way to completely alter the look of the web pages is to change the theme using a customization tool like Bootstrap Live Customizer.

This can be done in minutes

Alternatively the custom.css file can be altered to define individual element within the pages.


Location of Web Pages for ticketing site

The web pages for the ticketing site:

  • are located in a folder on the Web Listener computer (for those clients who self host) -or-
  • are located in a git repository (for clients using Artsman Cloud Hosting).

The web page file structure consists of a WebPagesEN folder containing only those pages previously customized. A full set of the default pages are can be download from

When making edits to existing pages the latest default page should be downloaded and copied to the corresponding page within the local folder.


Updating the Logo

The logo at the top of the ticketing site in the navigation bar is a company logo. The quickest way to update the image would be to create a tmCompanyLogo.jpg file and place it in the /WebPagesEN/tmGifs folder. This will replace the default image.

Alternatively an image can be added to the /WebPagesEN/tmGifs folder and the tmnavButtons.html page (located in the /WebPagesEN/TMtemplages folder) can be updated with the image name.


Additional Edits

Other commonly edited web pages are:


  • tmEventAdDefault.html - the ad at the bottom of the print at home ticket
  • tmEventBannerDefault.html - the banner at the top of the print at home ticket


  • tmContactHours.html - to include the hours that the box office is typically open
  • tmnavButtons.html - add or remove buttons in the navigation bar to reflect the kind of items you sell online
  • tmSocialMedia.html - to provide the complete URL's of your venue's social media links


  • favicon.ico - to provide a customized icon for your venue in the browser URL bar.