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Changing Style Sheets

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The fastest way to remake the web sales pages is to change a couple of Style Sheets and create a gif/jpeg for a couple of files. This can be done in minutes - and you have a completely new look to the web site without changing anything else.

The files that you want to change can be found within the HTDOCS folder. Look for a folder with a number on it (for most sites it will be '1' - this represents the outlet in a multi company version of Theatre Manager). Look for a folder called WebPagesEN and inside that, for tmGifs. This will be the base folder for the remainder of this section. The files to change are:

There are two style sheet files within the tmGifs folder. By altering them, you can change most of the look of Theatre Manager web sales. Specifically, change styleButtons.css to change the look of the buttons at the top of the page and stylePages.css to change the look of the tables, text, error messages, buttons, etc. within each page.

There are some files like pageHeader.gif. Make replacement files for those that contain your header or how you want the top of each page look. If you prefer a different look for the numbers in steps, or the handicapped logo there are some other .gif files within this folder that you may want to change . Make your image, save the image with the same name as the one in the tmGifs folder (ensure you match the case), replace the existing file in the tmGifs folder, and you will have a new look to your page