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GitHub Desktop

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GitHub Desktop is one of many third party tools that can be used for accessing web pages hosted on the Artsman Cloud in a git repository. Git is a distributed version-control system. It's great at tracking who made changes to what and when.

To setup access to your specific company web pages via Git, email with the full name of the employee who will be allowed to make changes to your pages, and their company email address. For security and tracking purposes, only employee specific email addresses are accepted, like "".

To use GitHub Desktop simply download and install the program. Clone the git repository pages to your computer for editing locally. After edits are made Commit and Push to the master branch of the repository directly through GitHub Desktop.

Only previously customized web pages will appear in the Artsman Cloud git repository for your organization. If the page you wish to edit does not appear on your local machine it may not have previously been edited. You'll need to download the default responsive pages and move that desired page to the corresponding folder on your local machine before making edits. Your repository should only contain customized web pages.

Remember to download the latest responsive pages each time before you begin making edits.



Inital Setup


Using GitHub Desktop