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Removing Crimson Navigation Buttons

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In the default stylePages.css, the buttons within the online sales will appear red when using an Internet Explorer browser. For some clients, this works with their default pages. Others would prefer not to have the buttons appear in red. Please see the steps below on how to alter the buttons.

  1. On the Apache machine navigate to the /WebPagesXX/tmGifs folder.
  2. Open the styleButtons.css page using an html editing tool.
  3. Locate the following line:,StartColorStr='#ff800000',EndColorStr='#ff333333');

  4. Add a /* before the line.
  5. Add a */ after the line but before the } symbol.
  6. Repeat the above two steps for all four filter lines within the styleButtons.css file.
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Clear the cache on the web listener to reflect the change.