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Web Queue Setup

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Web servers will generally handle average traffic on most days. This is true of all web servers, everywhere, such as Google, Apple, Amazon

However, there are instances when every web server in the world can get overwhelmed with requests and no amount of hardware can prevent it. Theatre Manager offers you a choice of two queueing system that are designed to become involved in periods of high load to mitigate overloading your systems.

When implemented, a Queue:

  • intercepts web traffic to the servers and
  • allows only so many people into the web store at a time, and
  • presents a dialog to those that are waiting and not in the web store that indicates where they are line waiting for access. As people finish their cart, the next person in line is allowed in

Queue Setup

Enable Queue Click to enable one of the available queuing options.

Generally speaking, a queue will only engage if your sales volume reaches a specified thresh hold.

If you enable the queue, then select which queueing option you want.

Theatre Manager offers you a choice of three queueing options:

  • Do not use a queue (no protection is provided - leave the box unchecked)
  • Use Theatre Manager's built in queue- which is free
  • Use a commercial, third party provider called Queue-it that you would need to pay for.