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Entering Donations on the Order Window

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You can add one or more donations to the same order that contains subscriptions, tickets and/or gift certificates. There are a number of reasons why you may wish to do this:
  • A donation that accompanies a season subscription renewal
  • A patron may not be able to attend the upcoming event / play and would like to turn in their tickets. Click here for an explanation of how to turn a refunded ticket into a donation.
  • A single donation that is targeted for multiple campaigns would be entered in this window. You would enter multiple individual donations to each campaign that add up to the total donation amount. As each donation is added, the total appears at the bottom left od the screen in the financial summary.
  • Similarly, donations for a multi year pledge or capital campaign are entered in this manner. Enter a separate donation for each program year that add up to the total expected amount.

    Note: Any payment to an order with multiple donations is applied to the individual donations in this order:

    • Program Year - this mean that for donations that span multiple years, arrange them so that the program year is entered in the order that you want payments allocated.
    • Donation Date - if there are donations for the same program year, then payments are applied according to the donation date.
    • Donation Number - if the multiple donations have the same program year and donation date, then the payments are applied to donation in order of the donation number.

Once a payment is applied to a an order with multiple donations, you cannot change the allocation of receipts unless you:

  • delete the receipts first, -then-
  • change the program year or donation date to be the order you want the receipts applied -then-
  • rebuild the order which will re-allocate the payments to the donations and recreate the receipts

  1. In the Order window click the Donation button.

    The Order window can be accessed by purchasing ticket, a membership or by simply adding a payment to an existing order.

  2. Click the New button.

  3. Enter the Donation Details.
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. Close the Donation Detail window.

  6. Click the Payments button.
  7. Pay for the donation.

    Click Payment for additional information.