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Theatre Manager Application Location

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After installing Theatre Manager for the first time, the application libraries are copied into the user's personal folder. This enables TM to run with one install on a machine that has multiple users (like Terminal server) where each can be using a slightly different version of TM until they accept the next auto-update.

The application libraries are unique to each user and is stored in the standard preferences location defined by Microsoft and Apple. These may vary depending on operating system and version that you are using.

MyUser represents the user you are logged in as. This means that each user of Theatre Manager on a shared machine will have their own preferences:

Operating system Generic Location Typical Path name
OS-X HOME ~/Library/Application Support/TheatreManager

The application libraries are copied to the same location for all OSX verisons, but how to you get there? Read about Apple hiding the folder from the user.

note: To access the Library file,

  • Go to the Finder
  • Click on the 'Go' menu
  • Click the 'SHIFT' key on Sierra. (Some earlier versions of OSX user the 'OPTION' key instead).
  • The Library menu will appear
Windows LOCALAPPDATA C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\TheatreManager\TheatreManager

you can find the 'LOCALAPPDATA' value for the user using the dos command set

The TheatreManager folder contains some localization data and another folder called 'TM' that contains the application. If you want to clear out everything for a user, just delete the folder and the next time Theatre Manager starts, it will put a new one in place.