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Steps in the Year End Rollover Process

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Only run the Year End Rollover routine when your venue is ready and/or if the user is prompted to by the End Of Day Wizard, which indicates that Theatre Manager is unable to post 'next' year's sales and deposit entries.
  • We suggest making a backup of your database before starting year end rollover. The purpose is in case the auditor wants you to go back to an old database for some reports.
  • Please find your most recent backup and save it in the monthly or annual backup folder.
  • For those venues on the AMS Cloud, please contact us and we will save a year end database for you.
Do not interrupt the year end rollover process once you start it and it should finish in a few minutes.

If you do interrupt it, please contact Arts Management Support and it may be possible for us to re-run it for you

  1. Use the Accounting >> General Ledger >>Year End Rollover menu.

  2. Check off all items in the 'check list' section to confirm that you completed them and/or have the data and that you are ready to continue the Year End Rollover.

      The check box in the 'Optional Steps' at the bottom of this window to transfer events from deferred to earned revenue can ONLY be checked if your company preferences are set to defer revenue only from one "season" to another "season". (Other settings should prevent use of this option).

      The check box to 'Close Past Events' will take all events that are completely in the past fiscal years and close them - so that ticket sales, exchanges and refunds can no longer occur. This can be reversed by editing the event and re-opening it.

  3. Click the Perform Year End Rollover button to continue.
  4. A window opens confirming you are ready to run the Year End Rollover.

  5. A confirmation window opens stating the Rollover is complete.