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Changing Fiscal Year End

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If you are changing your fiscal year end, you can run a year end rollover in the middle of the old fiscal year.

This is such a rare situation, that we suggest you contact the support team.

Making a shorter fiscal year

If, for example, your current fiscal year in is October and you want it to be July of the same year, then you are making your fiscal year shorter - This year will not be 12 months, it will be 9 months for the current year and then become August to July after that.

  • Stop all sales in Theatre Manager
  • Make a backup of the database
  • Complete the final End Of Day for the year on the day that you want to be the new year end.
  • Alter the fiscal year end in Company Preferences to indicate the new end moth of the fiscal year.
  • Do the year end rollover to set the new fiscal year. In the example above, you will be doing a year end rollover on July 31st (instead of Oct 31st)

In TM, you'll see that

  • the prior year accounting will show 9 months containing data and 3 months without data
  • The title on the month columns in history will not reflect correctly. This is because TM simply calls the accounting periods - period 1 to period 12. For convenience, it adds the month based on the value in default data - but thats sort of meaningless. Think of things as period 1 to period 12.
  • The new year will start as expected, in the new month, starting in a new period 1

Making a longer fiscal year

If you are trying to have more than 12 months in the current year (example, changing fiscal year from July to October), then:

  • simply alter the fiscal year end in Company Preferences to indicate the new end month.
  • TM will put the monthly totals into the last periods, so they will contain totals for multiple months
  • Do the year end rollover on the month that it should now occur
  • The totals for the prior year will be correct -- but they won't appear in the right monthly columns