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Timing of Year End Rollover

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Year End Rollover does not have to be done on the last day of the fiscal year (as determined in Accounting tab in Company Preferences). You can
  • wait until the first day of next fiscal year to run the rollover. This will capture internet sales through midnight and into the current year -or-
  • do it a day or so early. Any sales occurring after rollover will be allocated to the next fiscal year.
  • Generally speaking, a good accounting practice is that year end rollover should be run as soon as possible after the actual end of year

If you have not run a Year End Rollover and the last day of the fiscal year has now passed:

  • the user will receive a message when trying to post G/L entries at end of day. This message indicates that some sales or deposit postings were not done because they are in the next fiscal year. This still gives time to print the G/L reports for prior year and make adjustments.
  • any donations entered after the start of the new fiscal year default to the past fiscal year. If the intention of a donation is to be in the NEW fiscal year, then change the fiscal year on the donation entry window manually -or- do Year End Roll Over and the fiscal year default will change.

If the organization does a Year End Rollover and still needs to make manual adjustments to the G/L, they can be done to the prior year. Then print a G/L report for the prior year (because of the roll over, the current year moved to the prior year). This means the user can still get any financial information needed.