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Year End Backup

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Making a year end backup of your database is important for audit purposes.

Almost all reports in Theatre Manager can be re-run with the exception of the receivables report. That changes when anything new is bought and/or paid for. Auditors like to see your receivables as of year end and reconcile it to your accounting program.

This audit backup generally coincides with when you run the year end rollover, especially if you do your rollover on the last day of the fiscal year or the first day of the next year. If you decide to delay the year end rollover, then you will have future G/L entries that are pending posting (after the rollover), which will affect receivable reports. In that case, you will also want to do a back up as at the end of the fiscal year.

Venues with databases on the AMS cloud should contact AMS support with message asking to make a special backup for year end.
You must manually create a backup at a time of your own choosing by following these instructions and saving the backup file.