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Manually Initiating a Backup

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Venues whose database and web services are hosted on the AMS cloud will need to contact support to make a point-in-time backup (eg for year end).

Venues who are self hosted can make a manual backup at any time. The steps are:

  • Find the TM Server machine that was configured to run backups.
  • On that machine, type to start the Director and make a backup run. Or, if you are viewing this help page on the same machine that can do backups, just click the link.
  • add /backup to the URL on the browser, or type/click
  • This will start the actual backup process and the URL will change to backup.log to indicate it is running. A sample of a backup log file is shown to the right.
  • Hit the browser's refresh button to see more of the log file as the backup progresses
  • When the backup is completed, you'll see a line at the end of the that has the full pathname of the backup file.

  • When done, if you want to save this backup for a special purpose (eg year end, or before a large import)
    • Use the path name to go to the backup folder -and-
    • save the backup copy of the database named at the bottom of the long into a place for safekeeping
    • Optionally, rename the file after the purpose of the backup, if it convenient