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Other Tab

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The Other tab contains details on miscellanous information with Theatre Manager.


Non Financial Transaction Management

Do not purge after posting to the G/L Checking this box prevents non-posting transactions from being purged.
Otherwise Keep For Determine the number of days to keep the non-posting transaction records before purging them.

Update Checking

Check for Updates Daily When this box is checked, your theatre Manager system will check on a daily basis to see if there is a newer version available. This should be done for PCI compliance by enabling the update checking port for this. No download will happen, it is a notification only.
Automatically install Minor Updates When enabled
  • TM will automatically pull down and update itself with versions that are for the same point release (eg 10.02.xx, where xx is any minor point release). This is done via a secure connection (using TLS 1.2) to our update servers
  • It will not install a version that crosses a major release (eg from 10.02 to 10.03) or requires a walk-aroudn install to workstations.
Classic listeners restart themselves after updating. Users at workstations are reminded every four hours that the release is waiting for them if they ready to install it. On start up of TM, a workstation will be automatically updated.

This should not be enabled if Theatre Manager is being used on 2003 terminal server (no longer supported by Microsoft) - as it cannot self update when many people are using TM. It works fine on 2008 and later terminal server.