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Licence Tab

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The License tab contains information about the components of Theatre Manger currently in use and gives your the ability to purchase upgrades.

Software License Profile

Allows for the entry of a license upgrade. For more information on entering license upgrades click here.
Software Features This is a list of all the possible features that Theatre Manager offers. The features that have check marks beside them are the features that the company currently has access to. In order to receive additional features that the Theatre Manager has to offer the organization must purchase a license upgrade.

Training Database Settings

This is a Training Database A venue can set up a database in training mode for use in staff development. This feature should only be used on a copy of a database to flag to Theatre Manager that it will be used in training mode. When a database is set to Training:
  • The login window is clearly marked that the database is for training purposes (see image to right)
  • All credit cards are automatically shredded immediately so that there are none in the training database.
  • The database is set to PCI Schedule 'C' mode so future credit card payments cannot be saved
  • All merchant accounts are set to emergency mode and this cannot be changed
  • The title of all windows is changed to reflect the 'Training' database status
  • If there were remote offsite backups being made, those are disabled -- just in case
  • Some operational messages that emails cannot be sent, or backups have not occurred are no longer displayed
It is possible to change a training database back into a real one. Since, encrypted credit card are shredded immediately, they cannot be recovered and are gone forever.
Send Emails in Training Mode If Web Services (a TM server with a housekeeper) is set up for the training database, you can indicate if the web listeners should send out emails as part of the test process.
DB User Suffix If you have multiple databases on your server, you should enter a unique database marker for each one. This is appended to the employee ID's in the background so that they are unique per database. We recommend:
  • The last 4 digits of your customer number for your production database
  • Adding a 'T' to that number for a training database
  • Or any scheme you like such as 'Prod' or 'training' - just make them unique