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Web Tab

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The Web tab is used to set some global behavior of all Web Listeners for all outlets in the database such as:
  • are any of them allowed to be active? (i.e. this is a global shutdown switch)
  • the hold letter tp be used for internet sales - it is common across all outlets
  • the hold letter to be used for social distance or associated seats. The letter selected is also common across all outlets

Web Sales Options

Enable Web Sales Checking this box enables the use of the web sales module.
Maximum Tickets The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased in a single web order. This is a global total for all tickets in a cart and can be overridden on the:
  • Event window to give different limits for an entire event -OR-
  • Performance web tab to give different limits for single performance.
Remove The default time, in minutes, before the start of a performance when it is removed from web sales. This is the default time for all Events. This can be overidden in individual events. Click here for the steps on changing the default time on the event.

Special Hold Letters

Internet Sale Specify the hold letter that will be displayed on the map when a web sale is in progress. We recommend altering the colour of this hold code to make it stand out on the map during the sales process.
Social Distance or Associated Seat Specify the hold letter assigned to associated seats.

The lower case letter q is suggested as the default.

These are seats that are held automatically for a patron when they buy a specific set of seats an might be used fort dinner theatre or ADA companion seats. We recommend altering the colour of this hold code to make it stand out on the map during the sales process and afterwards as permanent holds.

You can create unique social distance seating on each pricing map to suit your needs.

Report Queue Options

Enable Report Queue When set, the TM Listeners are able to start processes that will allow users to run reports in background if the user clicks the Queue button during the report generation process (instead of clicking Done),

There are a few things to consider:

  • You will need to enable the employee to use the Report Queue in their employee preferences report tab
  • Running reports in the background on a web listener will require CPU resources on that machine
  • If your venues TM Servers need all of the Web Listener CPU resources during onsales, you may need to:
    • refrain from running reports in the background during onsales -or-
    • dedicate a TM Server machine to only act as a report server (and not process wep sales)
This setting enables you to quickly disable background reporting during a large onsales if you need all the resources on your all your web listeners to be doing web sales.
Refer to Enabling Reporting Servers for all steps in setting up the report queues.