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Associated Seats

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Associated seats are a way to link seats together when purchasing and holding. When one (or more) seats that are associated with each other are sold, the remaining associated seats are automatically held. This is useful for situations like:
  • ADA seats - where you want to automatically hold a companion seat for a period of time if the primary wheelchair seat is sold - at least until you can determine the patron's requirements
  • Dinner Theatre Seating - especially where there are a number of two-top tables that are beside each other. In this case, if a patron buys one seat at a table, then the other can be held so that nobody sits opposite the purchaser. Other two-tops that are side by side can be separated for dining privacy.
  • Social Distance Seating - where if somebody buys a seat, all seats around it are held automatically


How do associated seats sales work?

In the example below, the left image shows part of a venue that has not had sales yet. Some of the tables contain associated seats.

  • After clicking or selecting seats on the map to sell (refer to the ones that will be selected on the left)
  • The associated seats are immediately held using the (hold code in system preferences) to prevent sale by others (refer to the right diagram).

In the patron ticket window, the seats will show up as holds with the word Associated Seats in the icon column. These seats can easily be sold to the patron at a later date, if desired.


Where do associated seats work?

The short answer - everywhere a ticket is sold. Examples are:

  • Selling a ticket online If:
    • One or more seats are held in a cart, all associated seats are also held until the patron picks other seats using Next Best Seatsor using Pick your Own.
    • The patron checks out, the holds are made permanent.
    • The cart is abandoned, the associated seats are released
  • At the box office during selecting a seat. It may be easier to drag select multiple associated seats when selling rather than clicking on them one at a time, otherwise you'll need to over-ride the hold
  • During sale of a seat for a subscription package. All associated seats are held for all performances during the sale, if possible

When making seats associated:
  • The first person to purchase one or more seats that are associated causes all other associated seats to be held in their name, under their patron account, permanently
  • If a seat is refunded, then any permanent holds on the associated seats (using the hold code in system preferences) will automatically be released
  • You can release an associated hold manually so the seats can then be sold from that point forward. However, if you refund the other associated tickets and resell them, the hold will be put back in place.
You cannot use associated holds until an associated hold letter is specified in System Preferences