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Importing Seat Names

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When importing seat names the file must be in tab delimited format ie. after each entry there is a tab space and a carriage return at the end. Most spreadsheet programs should be able to save in this formation.

  1. Open the Pricing Map for editing.

    Click here to learn how to open Pricing Maps.

  2. Click the Seat Names tab.

    The Seat Names window opens.

  3. Click the Import button.

    The Import Seat Name window opens.

  4. Select the file containing the seat names to be imported.

    The following file formats are supported:

    • Excel (.xls)
    • Excel (.xlxs)
    • Tab delimited (.txt)
    • Comma Delimited (.csv)
  5. Click the Open button.

    The file will be imported into Seat Names window.

  6. Click the Save button.

    The seat names have now been imported into Theatre Manager.

If your spreadsheet has empty lines at the end, which are hard to see for find, you might see a message line the one below.

Theatre Manager is asking if you want lines with a logical seat number of zero and no Door/Section/Row/Seat data to be ignored.