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Enabling a TM server to do backups

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At least one of your TM servers should be enabled for backups. You can access your TM server from the machine it is running on by typing

  • This is preferably a listener that is NOT running on the database server so that you easily have local off-machine backups.
  • You can enable backups on multiple TM servers if you wish. However it is better to enable push of the database instead to a remote offsite location for better risk management.

Normally, a backup path (shown to the right) is local to the machine. You can make it a network share if you know how to do that.

For example:

Platform Local Path Network Path
Windows C:\BoxOffice\Backups Log TM Server in as user that has access to network file share (i.e. set the service to login as a person with access to the share as per he sample to the right)
  • Type share name as //Share + path
  • Share: //pt-bkp01\Backups
  • Path: \TheatreManager
  • Share + Path: //pt-bkp01\Backups\TheatreManager
MacOS \BoxOffice\Backups You'll have to mount a remote volume that will appear in the volumes directory that you allow read/write access to
  • Type backup path name as \volumes + path
  • Share: \Volumes\DiskMount
  • Path: \TheatreManager\Backups
  • Share + Path: \Volumes\DiskMount\TheatreManager\Backups