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Remote Backup Settings

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This allows you to send the backups off to another machine in the office or offsite if you want to push backups to a second safe place. Its something that we recommend.

Backup Type You can indicate what kind of offsite backup you want - the options are:
  • None - no offsite back will be attempted
  • FTP - this is used to send your backup to an FTP site. TM Server will attempt secure connections and fall back if necessary. You can use tools like Filezilla to set up your own PC based storage.
  • HTTP - will sent your backup data over HTTPS to a server.
  • AMS Cloud - Enable this setting if you have purchased remote backup storage from AMS. Each of your backups will be sent to a secure storage location in the AMS cloud. No other credentials are required.

    It cannot be enabled in a training or demo database.

Backup URL The URL that the backup will be sent to. Only applicable to the FTP and HTTP methods. For AMS cloud, this will be specified for you
User Name The user name to log into the remote backup location.
Password The password used to log into the remote backup location