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Post Dated Payment List

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You can access a list of post dated payments directly from the Receivables menu.

This will show you a list of all post dated payments, including those for future dates. Any current or past due post dated payments will show up in the end-of-day deposit window to allow them to be deposited.

In addition, this list should be viewed just prior to year end rollover and printed for the auditors - who typically like to see the post dated payments.

Parts of the Post Dated Payment List Window

Opens the online help.
This function is unavailable in this window.
Opens the payment record.
This function is unavailable in this window.
yo can delete a post dated payment. This will alter the balance owing on the order.
Prints the list of the payments on the Post Dated Payment List window to produce the post dated payment report.
Exports the list of payments into a TXT document for use in another program.
Opens the Patron record for the selected payments.
The different ways to search the window.
Begins a search based on the parameters in the From and To fields.
Patron # The patron number of the patron.
First Name The first name of the patron.
Last Name The last name of the patron.
Company The company of the patron.
Notes Any notes associated with the order.
Sold By The user that sold the order.