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Step 1: Install PostGres Database Server

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Caution: Please read to see if this applies to your installation:

All Versions of Windows

DO NOT set up the postgres database server to also act as ACTIVE DIRECTORY or as a DOMAIN CONTROLLER.

While it is possible to do so, the reasons not to are:

  • It is part of PCI DSS standard 2.2.1
  • You get better performance
  • More importantly, you obtain better safety/security leaving it a stand alone machine nobody logs into or connects to unless they physically visit the machine.
  • Updating the database server requires logging in as LOCAL admin anyway.

We DO NOT recommend that the database server JOIN a windows DOMAIN CONTROLLER either. There is no need for it.

If you wish join a domain controller, please leave the database server login window pointing to the local machine (instead of the domain). It makes a user logging on for support and updates easier. Note that the machine should always be locked so sign in is required - per PCI compliance.

We DO NOT recommend installing virus software on the postgres database server. Since access to the server is under very controlled access via port 5432 from the Theatre Manager application only, it should not be required.

If you must install virus software on the database machine, set it to scan the machine daily. Avoid the Postgres DB files.

Additional Notes for Specific Versions of Windows

Windows Small Business Server For Windows Small Business Server, you MUST turn off 'disk quota management' for all users prior to installing PostGres (and leave it off). Otherwise you may run out of space for the installer and any databases that get installed.
VISTA, Windows 7 or later For VISTA/Windows 7/8, you may need to turn off UAC (user access control) if it is acting as a server. You can run Theatre Manager on other workstations with UAC on.
Windows 2003 With Windows 2003 server, you will need to be a local administrator to install Postgres. Since postgres v9.3, in some cases, you may need to:
  • Run the postgres installer
  • Manually set permissions on the data folder to everyone, all access
  • re-run the postgres installer

Note: Microsoft stopped supporting XP on April 8, 2014