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TM Server for OSX

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You normally need only install the Theatre Manager server ONCE on a machine per the instructions below. TM server will auto update itself.
In recent versions of OSX, you may need to make a temporary change in System Preferences after downloading the installer and before the installer will work.
Reinstalling TM Server can be done at any time.

Only if you are VERY stuck, you may need to type the following command in terminal prior to re-running the installer.

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.artsman.theatremanagerserver.plist
Step Action
Step 1 Download and extract the installers for Macintosh.
Step 2 Start the installer and click Continue.

Step 3 Click Continue

Step 4 Read the licence and click 'Agree'

Step 5 Enter your admin password or use your finger if your machine has 'touch id'

Step 6

Step 7 Click Close

Step 8 Turn off all power saving and performance degrading features
Step 9 Turn off Airplay Mirroring in since that has a conflict port port 5000 used by Theatre Manager. This problem seems to have begun in Monterey.
Step 10 Proceed to the Steps to configure the server for the purpose you want to use it for