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Employee Prefs: Reports Tab

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Parts of the Reports Tab

Reporting Options

Show Page Setup for each report When checked the user will always be given the opportunity to change the page orientation and paper size before printing a report even if the default destination is to the screen.
  • If you use the same printer and page size each time, you might wish to disable the feature "Show Page Setup for each Report".
  • However, if you are using a number of different reports and page widths, you may wish to enable the feature.
Show Report Window As Steps Changes the criteria window to a series of Next/Previous windows rather then tabs. This assists infrequent users in entering relevant information.
Show Saved Criteria Options When unchecked, will remove the Save Criteria buttons to reduce the number of buttons in the criteria window for simplicity.
Show Report in 'Page Preview' Mode When checked, reports on screen are displayed is actual view with the paper outline.

Note: this is the now the default for 64 bit Theatre Manager and cannot be disabled. The reports also show thunmbnails and you can zoom in using the context menu.

Enable Background Report Generation When checked, reports can be sent to a background queue where they will run on a TM server instead of your workstation. It means you can have multiple reports running simultaneously and view them using the Queue button on the report window.
Default Criteria Filter Level Can change the default criteria filter level to make choosing fields for search criteria more simple. Options are: All, Frequently Used and Essential.
Default Destination A drop down list allowing users to specify the default print location. There are five options: Clipboard, File, Page Preview, Printer, Screen.
Removes, clears, resets any of the saved report criteria and report export settings.