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The Finished Report Window

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Once a reported is created, it appears in a new window. A number of operations can be done from this window including printing the report. Refer to the Report List to for documentaton on all reports in Theatre Manager.

Parts of the Finished Reports Window

A small drop down menu opens showing all Custom Categories to which the report can be added. Once a category is selected, the report will appear in that category for easy access alter. Click here for more information on custom categories.
Opens the operating systems print dialog and prints the report.
Opens the operating systems print dialog and prints the current page of the report.
Prints the entire report as a PDF. The Save As dialog for the operating system will open allowing the report to be saved as a file. Click here for more information on the PDF Generator.
Allows you to email this report to one or more patrons who have email addresses in Theatre Manager. Any emailed report will be recorded into the corresponding patrons' letter history tab on their patron record.
You can Export some reports in Excel format or a Tab-delimited text file.
Show or hide the page list thumbwheels on the left side of the report.
Saves the current report. This feature is not currently implemented.
Re-runs the report so the latest data is shown.
A small drop down menu opens listing all other reports that are similar to the report currently shown. This allows the user to use the same criteria but in a different format. Click here for more information on the Run Similar feature.


Using Search in Reports

You can search for text in a completed report by typing text into the text area and hitting tab or enter. You will see that words highlight in the report and the number of matches within the report

If there are multiple text matches, you can use the next and previous buttons to find the next and previous match.

If you would like, you can do a Case Sensitive match where text in the document must match the case of the search words.


Context Menu

You can right click on a report to:

  • Select all data in the report. You can also drag select the areas you are interested in
  • Copy the a selection of text that you can then paste into another application like Word or Excel
  • Show the Page List on the left side of the report as thumb nails
  • Zoom to:
    • 100% - show the page full size
    • Zoom in - magnify the report a little. You can repeat this to keep zooming in
    • Zoom Out - make the text smaller to see more of the report area
    • Zoom Fit - fit a single page of the report the available report window area. If you resize the report area, the single page will also shrink or expand.