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Donation Receipt Tab

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Note: tax receipt reports will limit the number of records found to: This is about the number of pages in a ream of paper and is also designed to guard against issues of a report crash if there are a large number of donation receipts. Simply run the process multiple times of there are more receipts.

Parts of the Donation Receipt Criteria

Receipt Printing Option

Next Receipt # The next number that will be used when printing a receipt. The last receipt number is tracked in company preferences and this is rarely altered manually prior to printing the next batch of receipts.
# of Copies The number of copies of each receipt to be printed. If you are printing: The Default is also found in the company preferences donations tab.

Receipt Selection Criteria

Donation Campaign You can select to print donation receipts
Name/Company like Allows for the selection of patrons based on name/company. This selection criteria behaves exactly the same as finding patron in the patron list window - if you want to see how many people may be selected.

The more of the first, last and company you enter, the fewer patrons that will be selected.

Calendar Year Allows selecting of only receipts within a calendar year. The criteria differs depending on receipt type
  • One Receipt Per Payment - This can be left blank. If so, all unprinted receipts dated prior to the current date will be selected that have not yet been printed.
  • Annual Statement Style Receipts - this must be entered. All receipts for the patron for the current calendar year will be selected and printed on the statement, as long as:
    • there is at least ONE receipt for the calendar year that is unprinted
    • and the receipts are all for donations marked with receipt option of annual receipt

Receipt Contents

Regular Name With Company All receipts include the name of the patron.

When checked, the receipts will also include the company in the patron record, if one exists.

Primary Email address Places the patron's primary email address (if they have one) onto the tax receipt. You can use this to print the receipt to PDF and then email that receipt to a patron.

This field is NOT printed when the tax receipt for the campaign is configured to auto-email when the donation is given online.

Company Logo and Address Will place the company logo (see company preferences) and the company address onto the tax receipt.
Receipt # On Forms When checked, Theatre Mangaer will print the receipts with the receipt number on them.

Turn this off if receipts with numbers pre-printed on them are being used (not an advised approach since maintaining receipt numbers on paper with those in TM is harder to do).

Campaign: Prompt Determines if the Campaign: prompt appears in front of the Donation Campaign on the receipt.
'Official Tax Receipt' heading' You can add a title to printed/emailed tax receipts that indicates that the tax receipt is official When printing multiple copies of a tax receipt in the same print/email request:
  • The first receipt will say Official Tax Receipt. In Canada, it will say Official Tax Receipt/Reçu Fiscal Officiel
  • Second and subsequent receipts will indicate Copy for your records. In Canada, it will be bilingual Copy for your records/Copie pour vos archives
    • This text cannot be modified. It always prints on e-receipts and can be optionally printed on batch printed tax receipts.
Comments for Receipts Lets you change the comments printed at the bottom of a receipt. This comment will print on all receipts.

Buttons on the screen

Moves to the Sort tab.
Cancels that adding of criteria and returns the user to the Report window.
Completes the addition of criteria and the sorting of data, and begins to print the receipts. If pre-printed forms are being used, make sure they are loaded in the printer prior to clicking this button.


Buttons on the toolbar

If available, uses the default search criteria for this report.
If this report has previously been run, this button will add the previous criteria.
Opens a list of saved criteria for this report.
Saves the current criteria to be used later.
Saves the current criteria to be used later and opens a dialog to name this criteria.
The Donation Receipt tab is where the search criteria is placed that will be used in generating the report.
The Sort tab allows adjustment of the sort order of the columns found in the report. Click here for more information on the Sort tab.
The Titles tab allows you to give the report a name that is meaningful to your requirements. Click here for more information on the Sort tab.