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Reports allow you to examine the information stored in Theatre Manager's database in a format relevent to your requirments. Reports provide critical information to support day-to-day activities and strategic information for planning purposes. Theatre Manager has nearly 250 different standard reports you can generate. Each of the reports employ multiple format, search, sort, and output options to ensure that the reports generated are as effective as you need them to be. Reports always print to the screen first so you can see them. From there you can print, PDF or export the reports for use in outside software programs.

The following web pages guide you through a typical Donation report, and a typical Ticket Sales report. Remember, there are hundreds of reports to choose from, and that each of them can be modified so the information presented can be viewed in a different way.

Report Categories include:

In addition, customized reports can be created using the Export Data function. The possibilities are limitless.

From here you can: