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Finding Who's in a Mail List

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This section presumes you:

  1. Find Patron 14, Roger Carfan.
  2. Click on the Mail List tab.
  3. This brings up a list of the mail lists this patron belongs to.

    Double click on one of the mail lists

    The Mail List Criteria window opens.

    The upper part of the Mail List Criteria window displays:

    • A mail list number - The mail list number is a unique number assigned by Theatre Manager.
    • Mail list name - The name identifies the mail list.
    • The patron(s) - of the household that will be added to the Mail List
    • Subscribe/Unsubscribe - A checkbox to allow patrons to subscribe/unsubscribe via the internet
    • Employee Alert - A checkbox to alert an employee when they bring up a patron record if that patron is a member of any VIP Mail Lists
    • Description - The description is used to record detailed notes about why the mail list was created.
    • The number of people in the mail list is displayed in the upper right corner of the Mail List Criteria window.

  4. Click on the Who's In tab.

  5. If the number of patrons in the Mail List is less than 1,000, Theatre Manager displays all the patrons in the list. If the number of patrons exceeds 1,000, you will need to click the search icon in the lower right corner to display the list. This feature is designed to avoid displaying tens of thousands of names if the criteria was amiss.

    Double click on any patron in the list to open their patron record.

    There are some very interesting things you can do from the Who's in tab such as:

From here you can: