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This section presumes you:

Thank-you for choosing Theatre Manager. We have included this tutorial with the demonstration software to ensure your first use of Theatre Manager runs smoothly.

Theatre Manager is an enterprise wide application designed to manage ticket sales, donations, gift certificates, patrons, media, finances, web sales, ticket scanning & gate control, facilities, project planning, email blasts and much, much more.

Theatre Manager has always been an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tool since its inception in 1985. 'Integrated' truly means from the ground up: sales on the Web interact in real time with the sales at the box office with common patrons. With Theatre Manager, you have one application that does it all – there is no data to transfer between modules.

To enter the demonstration program, logon to the Demo Database as the Master User. The password for the Master User is MASTER.


The purpose of the demonstration tutorial is to introduce the customer to a few of the many features and benefits of Arts Management System's flagship software, Theatre Manager.

The user will explore and manipulate:

  1. The Patron Window
  2. The Theatre Manager Tool Bar
  3. Ticket Selling
  4. Donations
  5. Mail Lists
  6. Report Generation

There are a number of features that the demonstration tutorial does not cover such as:

  1. Personnel Management
  2. Form Letters/ Word processing and Email blasts
  3. Label Printing and Google Maps
  4. Advanced Ticket Selling Features
  5. Season Ticket Renewal Notices
  6. Event Setup
  7. Web Sales
  8. Facility Management
  9. End of Day and Accounting

These features are available in the demonstration software, and you should feel free to explore Theatre Manager to its full potential, once the tutorial has been completed. If you wish to be personally guided through additional features, please contact the Arts Management Systems sales office at (888) 536-5244, ext. 2 or e-mail our sales office at They can schedule a time for an extended conference call with one of our Training and Support Team members.

Target Audience

The instructions assume the user is familiar with the operating system installed on the user's computer (Windows or Macintosh), and basic functions such as using a mouse to open, select and drag objects.

From here you can: