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This section presumes you:

By default, all Theatre Manager reports print to the screen first (this can be changed). The concept here is to save on paper and printing costs. If you like what you see on the screen, you have several print options. You can:

Print Report
Use this option to print the entire report. Take a look in the upper right corner to see how many pages the final report will be.
Print Page
This is useful when you would only like to see a representative sample of the data
This option will create a PDF of the report for either electronic filing, or emailing as an attachment.
Some reports can be emailed directly from the Reports window.
You can also Export some reports directly to Excel or a Tab-delimited text file.
Show Preview
Using this button allows you to show (or hide) what the final printed report will look like. If the report appears to small in the window, click the "Hide Preview" to enlarge it.

From here you can: