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Direct Link to a Donation

Subscribe to Syndicate frequency=0


This link will take the patron to the donation page in the online sales.

  • donation=xx represents the Campaign # from within Theatre Manager. This link will ensure that indicated Campaign appears as the default in the drop down. Any additional Campaigns available via the internet will also appear in the drop down. This is a unique sequence number assigned to the Campaign by Theatre Manager. To find the Campaign #:
  • DD_AMOUNT_PLEDGE=100.00 is optional and allows you to set a default amount for the donation if you send people here from an external web site.
  • frequency=1 is optional and suggests the frequency for recurring donations. Values of frequency are:
    • 0 - one time gift (the default)
    • 1 - monthly recurring gift
    • 2 - A Gift Every 2 Weeks
    • 3 - A Gift Every 3 Months (each Quarter)
    • 4 - Annual Gift
    • 5 - Daily Gift
    • 6 - Weekly Gift
    • 7 - A Gift Every 2nd Month
    The web page template file /tmTemplates/setDonationRecurringFrequencyList.html must have the frequencies enabled that you wish to use.
  1. Click Setup >> System Tables >> Donation Campaigns.
  2. Right-click on the column header in the Donation Campaigns List window.
  3. Select Preferences >> Change Columns.

  4. Single click the Seq # option only if it's not already highlighted or checked.
  5. Click the button in the Campaign List window.

    The Donation List window will populate with Donation Campaigns. Replace the "xx" in the link above with the appropriate donation sequence number to create a direct link to the donation.

    For more information on the Donation List widow click here.