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Direct link to Donation Campaign List

Subscribe to Syndicate[&category=xxxx][&tmsource=zzzzz]


This URL takes a user to a list of all the campaigns that are available online as per the image below.


If no category is used, the above link will direct a patron to the Donation Campaign Page and show all donation campaigns in all categories, like the HTML page below, from which they can pick.

A sample is shown at the bottom of the help page.

General Parameters

  • category=xxxxxx (optional) where xxxxx is the code table value from the Donation Campaign Code Table. You can repeat this parameter in the URL for each category you want to show.
  • tmsource=yyyyyy (optional) where yyyyyy is a tracking code that is placed on any cart for tracking the source of the referral.


Showing selected Categories of Donation Campaigns donationcampaigns&category=1042&category=1043[&tmsource=yyyyyy]


You can specify one or more categories in the URL and only those categories will be shown. In this case, the category numbers must be the same as the code table entry number in the Donation Campaign Code Table shown above. Icons are entered on the Description Tab in Donation Campaign setup.

You might use this to show capital campaign or individual gifts on a separate web page.


You can also Link to specific donations if you wish.