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Direct Link to Coupon & Pre-Access Codes

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Pre-Access Codes[&redirect=zzzz][&tmsource=yyyyyy]





  • code=xxx - where xxx is the coupon code.
  • redirect=zzzz (optional) can be used to direct the user to a specific web page after the coupon is accepted. The default is the cart page but you can substitute btnGetEventList for zzzzz to send the user to the event list if its a pre-access code.


    Example of Pre-Access Codes added to a cart and displays all valid events for the pre-access


    There are two aliases for 'redirect' that can be used interchangeagbly:
    • next -or-
  • tmsource=yyyyyy (optional) where yyyyyy is a tracking code that is placed on any cart for tracking the source of the referral.

The above links will auto add a pre-access or coupon code for a patron.