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Direct Link specific resource (quick add)

Subscribe to Syndicate[&tmsource=yyyyyy]


The link above will ADD the resource or inventory item named by resource (by providing in the resource/inventory item).

Each of the items in the link (except resourcequick) are optional
You can also use this to quickly select a number of merchandise or resources for purchase
They mean:
  • resourcequick=xx xx=the unique resource or inventory number. This parameter is mandatory
  • qty=qq causes the system to default for 'qq' resources or inventory items to purchase. If not specified, this will default to 1.
  • tmsource=yyyyyy (optional) where yyyyyy is a tracking code that is placed on any cart for tracking the source of the referral.

You can put any combination of the parameters together that you wish. if the system cannot find the resource based on your combination of selections, you'll be told.

The image below shows what a resources if you were adding it normally. resourecequick bypasses this window and adds the item directly to the cart - as if it had filled in the fields that you see on the image.