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Direct Link to Merchandise

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Merchandise and Rentals are resources and found in the same location with Theatre Manager. If your organization offers both options online the ?merchandise link will display only those items where the Sales Method is set to For Sale.

For further definition of merchandise items you may wish to use &group=XX as an additional parameter to access resources based on their Resource Group. Each resource requires a Resource Group at the time of setup. To determine the value of XX you'll need to locate the Facility Resource Group number.

Merchandise are resources where the sales method is set to FOR SALE


Facility Resource Group Sequence Number

  • Click Setup >> System Tables >> Code Tables.
  • Select Facility Resource Groups
  • Locate the Facility Resource Group number in the Seq # column

    The Facility Resource Group number is in the far left column labelled Seq #. It can be used to replace the "xx" in the example link above.