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Direct Link to Mail Lists

Subscribe to Syndicate[&tmsource=yyyyyy]


This link will allow a patron to subscribe to the mail lists indicated by simply adding their first name, last name and email address.

  • If the patron's email address does not exist, Theatre Manager will create a limited profile patron in the Theatre Manager database.
  • If the patron's email address already exists, Theatre Manager adds the patron to the mail list
  • In both cases, a double opt in email is sent to the patron's email address asking them to confirm they want to be added to the mail list. If they fail to respond within the time limit on company preferences, they will be removed from the mail list automatically

Mail lists are visible in this web page that you have set the mail lists with the following two characteristics:

  • allow subscribe/unsubscribe on the web -and-
  • patron does not have to be logged in to subscribe


Direct Link for patrons to manage their own email lists after logging in

Alternatively, you can use this link to allow people to see which mail lists they belong to. Since they have to log in, double opt in is not applicable.[&tmsource=yyyyyy]


This will take the patron directly to the Mail List page within the online sales. Patrons can choose to subscribe and unsubscribe to Mail Lists after they have logged into the online sales.