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Direct Link for patrons to manage their own email lists after logging in

Subscribe to Syndicate[&tmsource=yyyyyy]


You can use this link to allow people to see which mail lists they belong to. Since they have to log in, double opt in is not applicable, but can be used.


This will take the patron directly to the Mail List page within the online sales. Patrons can choose to subscribe and unsubscribe to Mail Lists after they have logged into the online sales.


Setup Requirements for adding to a mail list Anonymously

The Mail Lists that are visible in this web page are those with the following characteristics:

  • allow subscribe/unsubscribe on the web -and-
  • patron must be logged in to subscribe
  • External Name is a short name that the user can click on the web page such as 'Tell me about Auditions'
  • Description is a longer description that can explain to the patron what the purpose of the mail list using 'marketing friendly' words like 'we will keep you informed about upcoming auditions for your children about a month before they occur'