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Description Tab

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The Description tab of the Mail List window displays information about the mail list and its behaviours.

VIP List Alert Employee if patron is on the mail list. If a patron is marked on a list as a VIP, the employee will be reminded that the patron is on the list via a popup-dialog window each time they open the particular patron's record.
External List Allows Patrons to subscribe/unsubscribe via the internet. For most mail lists, this is never checked. However, if it is checked, this flag allows patrons to add (or remove) themselves to the mail list using the online sales module.

Possible uses for this setting on mail lists are where the customer can elect to belong (or remove themselves) such as:

  • Send me a season brochure
  • Tell me about auditions
  • I'm interested in 'Dance' performances
Refer to a sample web page with external mail lists to see what the patron would see online.
Double Opt in Emails This feature is only valid for mail lists that are 'external'. If enabled, then patron who is added to the mail list (manually or automatically) will be sent an email asking them to confirm that they want to be on the list. If the patron:
  • does not respond to the email within 24 hours, they will be removed from the list.
  • responds within 24 hours (or even at a much later date), they will be placed on the mail list with a status of 'double-opt-in confirmed' and the date that they confirmed opting in.

This feature is very useful

  • for implementing CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law -and/or-
  • to improve accuracy of email addresses in the system because it requires the patron to confirm the email address, automatically improving the accuracy of the data.
Description Detailed description of the purpose of the mail list (in 'english') so that others will understand its purpose or suggested usages.