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Removing a Patron Through the Mail List Window

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This method is useful for removing multiple patrons from a mail list when they do not have common information. If the patrons all have common information (e.g. they all are non-donors) use the Mail List Database Query method of removal.

To remove a patron through the mail list window, you perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Mail List Window.

    Click Here to learn how to open the window.

  2. Find the mail list to remove patrons from.
  3. Click the Who's In tab.
  4. Select the patrons you want to remove from the mail list.

    Single click on a patron to select them or use the Ctrl key (PC) or the Command/Apple key (Mac) to select multiple patrons.

  5. Click the Remove Button.
  6. The patron has been removed from the list.