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Criteria Groups Tab

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Displays the selected Criteria for the mail list and allows you to add others to the Mail List.

Inserts criteria for a Mail List. Click here for more information on adding new criteria.
Removes the selected criteria.
Opens the parameter window for the selected criteria.
Rebuilds the mail list based on the selected criteria.
Verifies the number of patrons in the Mail List.
Duplicate will take the criteria group that you have selected and make a duplicate of it at the end of the list of criteria. By way of example, this is useful when you need to
  • Generate a list of people for a time period and are using the having clause feature to get a total of donations, or count of events, perhaps by year
  • Need to repeat that for a number of years to find, for example, the people who gave more than $1000 in a number of specific time periods so you can find those that are lapsed, or are giving more or buying more.
  • The easiest way is to make one group of criteria
  • Then duplicate it and edit the date parameters
You can reorder groups of criteria on a window by clicking on one and dragging it.
You can also drag a group of criteria from one mail list window to another. If you have built some criteria that you like and want to use portions of them in another mail list, just highlight the group and drag it to this window on another mail list.