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Who's In Tab

Subscribe to Syndicate
This window displays a list of the patrons in the mail list. There are a number of things you can do with these patrons like:
  • generate mail labels
  • determine distance from your venue
  • export them
  • use them in criteria for reports or other mail lists
  • drag individuals from one mail list to another to place them into two lists
  • use the list to allow people to subscribe and unsubscribe to marketing lists online
  • drag them onto tasks to indicate who is invited.
Tracking unsubscribes: If a patron unsubscribes from the mail list online, they are not removed from the mail list. Their record gets marked with an unsubscribed date. This tracks who no longer wants information from your venue for a specific purpose.

Type Customizable field that allows for classification of patrons by type (Individual, Student, Staff, etc.)
Patron # Unique number assigned to a patron.
Patron Name Patrons first, last name and business.
Source Where the mail list was generated.
Primary Phone Patron primary contact telephone number.
Manually add a patron to the list. For more information on adding patrons to a list click here.
Opens the patron window of the selected patron.
Manually remove patron from a list. For more information on removing patrons from a list click here.
Export the selected rows of contact information from a Mail List. If you want everybody in the list, select all the rows (or click on a line and the Ctrl-A or Cmd-A select them all) before clicking the export button.

  • You will be give a choice of export format: tab delimited, comma delimited, xls, or xlsx format.
  • Then you will be asked where you want to put the file
Add Pass Can be used to add a pass or gift certificate to a number of patrons at the same time.
Unsub Email Can be used to process an unsub/bounce file from an external emailer program and remove patrons from a mail list or remove their email addresses permanently.
Search options for finding patrons within the selected Mail List.
Search's the selected Mail List for patrons matching the selected search criteria.