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Who's In Tab

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Displays a list of the patrons in the mail list.

Type Customizable field that allows for classification of patrons by type (Individual, Student, Staff, etc.)
Patron # Unique number assigned to a patron.
Patron Name Patrons first, last name and business.
Source Where the mail list was generated.
Primary Phone Patron primary contact telephone number.
Manually add a patron to the list. For more information on adding patrons to a list click here.
Opens the patron window of the selected patron.
Manually remove patron from a list. For more information on removing patrons from a list click here.
Export the selected rows of contact information from a Mail List. If you want everybody in the list, select all the rows (or click on a line and the Ctrl-A or Cmd-A select them all) before clicking the export button.

  • You will be give a choice of export format: tab delimited, comma delimited, xls, or xlsx format.
  • Then you will be asked where you want to put the file
Add Pass Can be used to add a pass or gift certificate to a number of patrons at the same time.
Unsub Email Can be used to process an unsub/bounce file from an external emailer program and remove patrons from a mail list or remove their email addresses permanently.
Search options for finding patrons within the selected Mail List.
Search's the selected Mail List for patrons matching the selected search criteria.